Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Senate Bill 250

On March 9 and March 10, City of Naples listening sessions on changing land use rules, including those related to residential lot coverage and setbacks. Hundreds of Naples residents, property owners and community leaders attended these meetings and the feedback to Naples City Council was clear: Don’t change a thing.

The overwhelming majority of attendees agreed that Naples is a wonderful community and Naples City Council should not change rules that are already working. Attendees also questioned why this issue was coming forward, noting that it appeared City Council was trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

That sentiment extended to conversations about changing rules related to commercial and mixed-use properties, including discussions about whether to limit outdoor dining on Fifth Avenue South and changing how building height is measured.

Missed the meetings? Watch the video below – and then email Naples City Council at and tell them not to change the zoning rules that helped Naples earn its reputation as a beautiful small city and the jewel of the Paradise Coast.