Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Senate Bill 250



Naples Property Rights Coalition is a nonprofit 501(c)4 organization comprised of property owners, civic and community leaders dedicated to protecting private property rights, preserving property values and ensuring economic prosperity in the City of Naples.

The coalition works toward this mission by identifying issues that could adversely impact property values, advocating at Naples City Hall and opposing policies that limit private property owners’ rights.

Naples City Council continues to take steps to advance priorities that could negatively impact properties, such as changing rules related to residential lot coverage and setbacks, prohibiting lot combinations, and more restrictive land use regulations. These changes could lead to a considerable reduction in property values, which would ultimately devastate the City of Naples’ tax base.

We encourage like-minded community members to join the Naples Property Rights Coalition, as we work to serve as a collective voice of property owners, focused on protecting property owners’ rights and bolstering Naples’ place as the jewel of Southwest Florida.